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  • PRKA

    Parks! America From .08 to .15

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  • GPL

    Great Panther Silver From .49 to .79

    61% Gains!
  • CANV

    CV SciencesFrom .41 to .642

    56% Gains!
  • IPDN

    Professional Diversity Network From .64 to 1.00

    56% Gains!


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Are you tired of receiving stock alerts full of fluff and empty promises? Tired of hearing "buy this penny stock now," or "this stock could go to the moon?" You've come to the right place. Our concise stock alerts give you key information about a company direct from published sources including a company’s Web site, press releases and filings, and we feature companies from a variety of sectors including energy, technology, health care and biotech, and typically are below $5 a share.

Why penny stocks?

The term “penny stock” typically refers to stocks that trade below $5, and are highly speculative. Penny stocks are usually quoted over-the-counter, on the OTCBB, or Pink Sheets. However, penny stocks may also trade on larger exchanges such as the NASDAQ, or foreign securities exchanges.

Penny stocks carry a high degree of risk, and are speculative investments. Penny stock traders are usually looking for large returns with small investments and are willing to take the inherent risks.

Some penny stocks that are traded are new and offer real opportunities. However, novice investors should realize that a large percentage of these companies fail and their stock will lose all of its value.

Think of this market like a Las Vegas Casino. An experienced poker player profits because he knows when to hold and when to fold. The same is true for penny stock traders.

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